Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Lightsaber Video Review – Use the force to see!

I really loves his Star Wars Lightsaber Room Light from Uncle Milton.

The lightsaber is about 27 inches tall and has 8 color effects. There is a small remote that you use to change the colors – each time you change the color it makes a cool lightsaber-ey noise (I’m sure there is an actual word for it but I’m not a big Star Wars person).

To get an idea how cool this room light is be sure to check out both videos!


Anyway what I like about it is the fact that it’s not very bright. The colors are bright but the light itself doesn’t really illuminate the room all that much. Therefor my 5 year can easily fall asleep if it’s on.


Another thing I like is the 15 minute timer, which not only saves batteries but if your child wakes up in the middle of the night he won’t be tempted to play with it.

And last, I like the fact that the remote doesn’t turn it on – it only changes the colors. Now, I saw some people complaining about this in other reviews but in my case I see it as a positive. My son is less likely to , if he notices it go off, get out of bed to go turn it back on. However, if there is a handy-dandy remote sitting on his bedside table he may be more inclined to play with it.

A few things you should know before buying it!

It requires 5 AAA batteries. It seems like a lot but with the 15 minute timer it should last you a while

*The lightsaber has to be mounted on the wall with screws. So make sure you pick a good place for it!

Retails for about $20.00

Bottom Line:

It’s a fun addition to any kids room – Star Wars fan or not! It’s not going to be a source of light for your child’s room but it makes for a great and unique night-light!

Happy Playing!

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