MGA Entertainment, makers of Lalaloopsy introduce…. Minis?!?

Big news on everything Lalaloopsy last night!

Anyone remember this breaking news we found of sorts on Lalaoopsy?

Welllll… maybe words and ideas spread quick?

This was posted on the Lalaloopsy facebook page :

Hi Everyone! We’re so glad you’re excited about the mini lalaloopsy. They are 3″ tall. Their clothes do not come on and off, but their legs, arms and shoulders are articulated. They will be in all major retailers in the United States, and yes, they will be available in the UK.

I think everyone here knows just how hot this will be!

We are going to reach out to our contacts at MGA Entertainment and see what additional details we can find!

And, don’t forget to use our Lalaloopsy In Stock Tracker to help find the “regular size” dolls :

zooLert Lalaloopsy Doll In Stock Tracker

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