zooLert Picks Top Ten Hot “sleeper” Toys Of The Holiday! (plus one!)

Just what is a sleeper list?  Well, it’s different than our “Other List” of Hot Holiday Toys.

Wikipedia defines a sleeper, amongst the many ways, as :

Sleeper hit, a work that obtains unexpected recognition or success

Sleeper (car), an automobile that has been modified to improve its performance without changing its outward appearance; the British term for this is Q-car

It killed us to come up with the zooLert Top 10 Sleeper Toys, because, it’s so easy to do the popular ones that are out there, but, it’s hard for us to focus on just ten sleepers.  And, there is a little bit of cross over from our earlier top 10 list because we picked some that no one else was picking!  That’s what happens when you look to end consumers for help!

And, if I could, I’d like to tout for a moment that’s kind of our specialty since we have “real” people helping us out every day.  Hi to our friends at DIS Boards, Debbie, RJ, Curio, Fridayholic, Kanakoschild, and every other single one of you out there that we have crossed paths with and talk to every single day.

With that (that’s enough of that luv stuff!) :

Dance Star Mickey
Why : The people have SPOKEN!  Despite the overplayed mantra of “cheap toys are all that is in this year”, Dance Star Mickey CONTINUALLY sells out in only MINUTES with its ~60 MSRP price.

Cruncher Prehistoric Pets Interactive Dinosaur
Why : Just like Dance Star Mickey, this expensive (relatively speaking : MSRP ~90) toy continues to beat talking heads predictions.  Expensive toys still have a place as long as they have unique and fun gameplay.

Cicciobello Love N Care Doll
Why : It’s a european import doll, a TRU exclusive with a…. unique European ad

Why : It’s a one part Coraline, one part adult collector looking toy, and all cute

How To Train Your Dragon
Why : It’s a pretty popular movie, but, also just a Walmart exclusive.  That makes it harder to get.  Add to that rare figures, and you have a hit.

Teacup Piggy
Why : You know it’s hot when Radio Shack sells it and it’s selling out there.  Teacup Piggies aren’t for celebrities any more.

Justin Bieber Dolls
Why : The #bieber fans are going to be all over this.  ‘Nuff said.

Air Hogs Hawk Eye
Why : It adds that final element to the indoor flyers — a video camera onboard that captures stills AND videos!

Call of Duty Black Ops Prestige Edition
Why : Call of Duty Black Ops is the next chapter in a VERY popular first person shooter.  The prestige edition is the collector’s edition with all the extras.. a RC vehicle even!

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (4842)
Why : With the new movie arriving soon, the wizards in the family are going to want to act out all of their favorite Harry Potter moments with this.

And, as a testament to our ever changing dynamic enviornment, here’s one more that just hit our sights :



Why : It’s the modern Thomas The Train, has newer looking engines, and already has a following across the pond making it a hit with collectors and kids alike.

This is a snapshot of ten eleven unique and interesting choices from zooLert and our community of real consumers.

(“Sleeper” picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

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