Good, Not So Clean, Fun! Moon Sand Demolition Construction Review!

Before I received the Moon Sand Construction set I read a lot of reviews complaining that Moon Sand was too messy. However, in 90% of these reviews the reviewer states that their child/children loved it! My review for this is definitely going to echo my review for Moon Dough. Yes its messy. Yes its sand. But I think it’s about time we start letting our kids have a little fun! And Moon Sand is just the toy for the job!

We had a blast with Moon Sand Construction Demolition! It comes with a truck that has a scooper on one side and a demolition ball on the other side. The little man that comes with it can either sit and control the vehicle or he can get out and hold the scooper to make blocks. The set comes with two packages of sand (dark gray and light gray). The box it comes in acts as a tabletop sandbox.

My son, Tommy (5), took to it right away. He went from being a five year old to a foreman in a matter of seconds! ! The sand itself is just like wet sand but without the “wet”. It molds really well to make sturdy little blocks that you can build a wall with. Then you can take your demolition ball and knock it all down! It really is a ton of fun.

As far as the messiness goes, its really not that bad…in fact its a lot more manageable than regular sand (and a lot more fun, too!). Like the moon dough it cleans up very easily and never dries out.

Bottom Line:

Fun outweighs the mess! Moon Sand is fun and versatile. A little messy but super fun!

Happy Playing!

Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own.

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