Out Of This World Fun! Moon Dough Magic Barnyard Review

I have to admit when I saw the package for Moon Dough Magic Barnyard arrive I was hesitant. I envisioned myself scraping a play dough like gunk off of my table, wood floor and upholstered chairs! Needless to say I wasn’t too excited about doing this review.

So I open the package and put together the farm which took about 20 seconds. It comes with three colors (blue, white and yellow), a mold for hay bales, a mold for fences, a mat to put everything on and of course the barn.

Now…I have to be honest. This toy makes a HUGE mess! The dough isn’t very sticky like playdoh so little “crumbs” break off easily while you’re playing. The mat is a nice feature but it doesn’t really do much to contain the mess. However,  my kids LOVE it! Both my 1 1/2 year old and my 5 year old can’t get enough of it. And although it makes a big mess it cleans up very easily. It wiped right off my table – no cleaner needed and I was able to vacuum it off my chairs and floor very easily.

I think the reason it’s so easy to clean is because of the material its made of. I was trying to figure out what I could compare it to and I think I’ve got it. It’s a cross between Circus Peanuts (that weird foamy candy) and packing peanuts. (the peanut thing is just a coincidence)

So now that we have the mess situation under control I’ll move on to the toy itself.  🙂


As you can see from the video and pictures the dough molds very nicely and is very realistic! It comes out of the molds fairly easy. All you do is hold both ends of the mold and twist it back and forth until the dough pops out – My son has his own way of doing this…He just bangs it on the table!

The fence mold is cute because you can actually fit the pieces together to make a realistic fence! Another thing thats nice is that the fence stands up on its own.

I think both of my kids favorite part was being able to “recycle” a hay bale or fence and turn it into an animal! You stuff your dough into the hole on top, turn the handle slowly and out rolls your farm animal!

We also tested out the “never dries out” claim. We left our Moon Dough out for 2 days and it stayed soft. I love this because I can’t count how many cans of play dough had to be trashed because the lid wasn’t on tight enough!

A few things to keep in mind:

The recommended age is 36 months – 7 years

You have to knead the dough for a few minutes before playing to make it more pliable.

Make sure when you are turning the handle you do it slowly, otherwise you might end up with a headless rooster!

The Bottom Line:

Yes, this toy makes a huge mess…but all the best toys do! And what’s a little mess if your kids are having fun doing something other than playing video games! It works great, it’s easy to clean, it never dries out and its affordable!

Be sure to check out our video review!

Happy Playing!

Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own.

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