Liv Girls Doll, It’s My Nature Edition Hayden Doll Review

The new Liv Girls doll, it’s My Nature edition! She comes with eight accessories and is perfect for kids ages 5 and up. What I really like about the Liv Girls series is that you get a wide variety of dolls to choose from, and the best part is that each doll has its own personality, like a name or even a specific accessory that comes with the doll. She is extremely detailed from her eyes to her clothes, for instance her eyes are yellow with green lines. She has blond hair with two braids, and she has a yellow top, green short, gray legging, blue boots, a gray hat, and a bluish / greenish shirt. Her accessories are a comb, a greenish purse with pink flowers, a butterfly book, a net, and a pet bunny. What’s really nice about this set is that you get all of these accessories and the doll for only $18.00!

So overall I would have to say that this doll is a perfect gift for any special occasions because the doll is extremely detailed and comes with a lot of accessories to play with making the doll extremely fun to play and model with!

Where to buy: Amazon, Toys R Us, Target, Kmart

Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own.

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