Spin Master Tron Toys Light Cycles And Action Figures Review

Ever try explaining to a five year old the reason why grown ups want toys?  Or, why they want to keep them in the box to simply display them?  It’s not really a conversation that makes a whole lot of sense.  And, I mean to either party…. once you really get into it!  It’s a bit of a fruitless adventure, but, that doesn’t mean it’s not fun.


Yet, somehow, we both understood one another.  There’s something about the new lineup of the Tron Toys.  They are sleek, sexy, and very well done.  It captures that not too distant future look from the original movie.  And, based solely from the barrage of commercial teaser trailers and otherwise, the new as well.

So, what all do they have?  A quick search on Amazon shows up quite a bit :

Tron Toys From Spin Master @Amazon

Below are the one’s you’ll see in this hands on and picture review footage :

Out of all the toys that we played with, each one of them had some type of special functionality in one way or another.  Be it the way that the cockpit lifted in the light cycle, or, the way that the light runner vehicle was  massive transport with lights and seating for two.   They all had something that set them each apart and palced them directly in line with the Tron vision.

And, that stays true for the action figures as well.  The now defining glowing hues of the action figures bodies’ combined with the vocal cues and light of the head really adds to the imaginary play and finishing touches.  Each figure came with its own group of sayings that it loops through upon touch.

What do they look like up close and personal?

Let’s get to it!

Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own.

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