Pop On The Fun! Review On Pop On Pals Amusement Park

As you can see my daughter is in love – Head over heels in LOVE with Pop On Pals – Amusement Park! We received it a couple days ago and she has been utterly obsessed ever since, and she’s not the only one. While I was taking a video you can see my 5 year old trying to get in on the action!

Lucy’s favorite part of the toy is the actual roller coaster. The Pop On Pal sits in the car and and slides down the ramp! This NEVER gets old!!


She comes with 2 sets of arms and 1 skirt. When riding the rides you can pop on the “up in the air” arms –  The rides include:

The Dragon/Boat ride

The Ferris Wheel

and, of course, the Roller Coaster.

The other pair of arms is holding a mallet. Which brings us to the games! There is a Milk Toss Game and Strong Man Striker game! When you put the Pop On Pal on the games and push down they make game appropriate sounds – Such as bottles being knocked down and the ding of the bell. VERY cute!

There are 9 spots for Pop On Pals… One being the lever that moves the ferris wheel & boat ride – My daughter wasn’t easily able to manipulate this but she is on the younger side of the recommended age.

Overall this is a great toy – Maybe not ground breaking but definitely a fun toy that promotes small motor skills and imaginative play. And at around $30 you really can’t go wrong!

One thing to keep in mind – It only comes with 1 Pop On Pal but you can buy more for about $7 – $15 depending on which pack you want. They have everything from cats to construction workers! I definitely think my kids are going to find quite a few Pop On Pals under the tree and in stocking this year!

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