Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus Review

The ultimate Bakugan of all time! This Bakugan comes with 4 Bakugan battle gear, one Bakugan and one transformer hub and is great for kids ages 5+. It also comes with 4 ability cards and one metal gate card. Now that’s a lot of Bakugan accessories and for only $30.00! I would have to say that this Bakugan set has to be my favorite Bakugan product ever sold! Not only do you get a massive amount of Bakugan accessories but the entire set is just filled with an overwhelming amount of detail. What is also really nice about this set is that it is very easy to play with, set up and is also great for modeling!

When I first received the toy I was shocked at how big the entire set really was, and when I put the set together, I was shocked at the immense amount of detail. Overall I would have to say that my favorite part about the set was the way the transformation hub worked. All you had to do was drop your Bakugan onto the transformation hub then BOOM the transformation hub sprang up and it revealed the all new Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus! Another great feature about this set was the Bakugan it’s self. What you could do was once the Bakugan sprang open you could attach the battle gear onto the smaller Bakugan (not the transformation hub) making the Bakugan a lot stronger and a lot more fun to play with!

Overall I would have to say that Spin Master has done an amazing job on making this set as fun and exciting as possible. I would defiantly recommend this set to anyone who wants something fun and unique to play with for their holiday season!

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