Test flight video of Air Hogs Hawk Eye In Action! Mini Preview!

All was not well in the house of zooLert tonight.

This is the culprit :

After sorting out the Spin Master samples, a fight ensued. It was big kid (aka 30 something Ed) versus 5 and a half year old (aka zooLert testing army member). But more pics on and story on that later!

Let’s show you what you’ve been wanting to see – a test flight with the Air Hogs Hawk Eye RC Helicopter!


It’s everything I thought it would be… It’s the same indoor flyer that everyone and their grandmother is familiar with (yes, you probably have more than one lying around the house too) but, with that added wish — an on board camera.

And I am here to say it is FUN. It takes both video and still pictures (without audio).

And, like older Air Hogs helicopters, it does take some practice and tuning to make it fly to the best of its ability, but… this has video capabilities! And for the price of the admission, the quality is not too bad.

Check out my (short) video :


I’ll have to set up a direct link for the uncompressed video. While the native resolution is small, uncompressed off of YouTube the picture quality is respectable. Don’t expect to blow it up on your 1080p 106″ projector, but, it’s very respectable.

Yes, much like the historic Wright Brothers first flight, it wasn’t long lasting, but, it was all about the historical value. We now have an inexpensive way to capture video on an indoor flying helicopter!

Already feel like you need it?

Find it in stock with our help at places like Walmart, TRU, Amazon and more :
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Much more to come soon!

Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own.

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