Teacup Piggy Review and Video! Not just for celebrities any more!

The craze that has swept celebrities has come to the common man (kid?)!

It’s Teacup Piggy!

I have to admit.

I was a bit skeptical at first.

I’ve seen them in the stores prior to the advertising campaign picking up speed, and I didn’t really “get it”.

If I had picked up one of the boxes at the store, I might have understood a bit more.  While the $13 price at Toys R Us seemed like a bit much on the surface, I didn’t realize all the different things and modes it has!

I’ll tell you what they are, but, you can see how it really is by watching this hands on video :


Here’s the break down of all the modes :

The Teacup Basic set comes with a pig, an accessory, milk bottle, birth certificate and teacup home.  The pigs are interactive, voice sensitive and have a range of sayings and emotions!

If you watch the video, there are some pretty interactive things about it.  Put it down on it’s side, and after a few seconds, it goes to sleep!  Put the bottle in the mouth, it drinks.   Clap, and you’ll get the pigs attention.  And, like other similar toys, there are buttons on the back that can be triggered when petting the pig.

When you put the whole package together, you quickly see this is going to be a very popular toy this holiday!

Get yours while you still can!
Of course, with our help, you can just be told when and where to buy it at places like Toys R Us :

Teacup Piggy In Stock Tracker from zooLert

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