Spin Master – Holy Guacamole Batman! Time for some REVIEWS!



I’m in shiny new toy heaven right now!

So, we started this review side of the site just a few short weeks back and the outreach by toy companies has been tremendous.  Some of our review videos are getting thousands of views on our YouTube channel and you guys keep asking for more.  And that’s not even taking into consideration the thousands and thousands reading the reviews themselves!

And, it’s all because of you, our visitors, so please, keep reading and giving us feedback.  That’s all you gotta do, and, we’ll keep it coming!

So, what should be first?  Tell us!

I’m thinking the Air Hog Hawk Eye.  Me, personally, I’m dying to give that a go!  You’ll be seeing that one very soon … very soon!  And Tron … tron toys.  Mmmmmmm.  So sleek, so cool!

I know we have been asked about every one of these toys so… we’re excited to rip them apart and start playing!

UPDATE : looking at the picture, the Bakugan that was sent is hiding! So, there’s even more!


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