Hasbro u-build Mouse Trap Video and Review

The unique and exciting way to play the all new U-Build Games of 2010, these games are not like any other ordinary board game. They can be built and rearranged into anything you would like, so the possibilities are ENDLESS! But the excitement doesn’t end there! If you don’t like u-build mouse trap you have a variety of other games to choose from like u-build connect 4, or u-build battleship and more! And these games only cost $14.99(sale price).

When I received the new u-build mouse trap I was amazed at how not only was this game extremely fun to play with, but it had a unique quality to it giving this game more of a kick to play with. My family and I loved playing this game because we built the board into any shape we wanted to make it; the game was extremely easy to play with and definitely sparked some fun and excitement into our family time. Another very nice feature about the set is that if you don’t know how to start of the game you have a simple 6 step instruction booklet to get you started off; it also comes with a very easy to read guide on how to play U-Build Mouse Trap.

Overall I would have to say that this game is definitely worth it, for the price of only $14.99 (sale price) and the ability to customize the game into anything you would like, making family time a lot more fun. So if you are out Christmas shopping and want something unique and fun for your kids I think that the new u-build games are going to be a great gift for Christmas and that you should pick up the new and exciting u-build mouse trap!

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