Twister Hoopla Video and Review – Halloween Edition!

Since we had a Halloween Party this weekend, what better time to bust out some of the family fun games from Hasbro that we had for review.

First up, Twister Hoopla.

(had to take a picture making it look like an older picture. it was begging for it!)

So, what’s all the Hoopla about (man, this one is just writing itself!)?

Actually, quite a bit.  In keeping with the U-Build line of Hasbro remakes, this new version of Twister gets kids (and adults!) off the couch and into the action of setting up and configuring the game.

There are five different game styles to play :

Game 1 challenges you to use your bodies to hold the rings in place and the last team standing wins.

Game 2 is a ring toss with your hands and feet to catch.

Game 3 is a race to make it to the finish line with colored rings in hand.

Game 4 is a fun version of the traditional TWISTER game: scatter the rings and then call out the moves; but don’t fall or you’re out.

Game 5 gets you all tangled up with other players as you reach for rings, hang on to your TWISTER T and try to stay on your feet.

So, how is it?  Fun.  Lots of fun!

As you can see below, the kids took to it instantly :

What’s funny about watching the video the day after, it just seems to fit into the party atmosphere going on.  If you watch the video, you’ll see what I mean.  A little Rock Band, a little candy, and some Twister Hoopla with a lot of people equals a good time!  Another thing that came to mind while playing is that this game would be as much fun outdoors as it is inside!

With an average store price of $20 or less, it’s a great game to consider adding to your arsenal!

Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own.

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