The All New Moxie Girlz Magic Snow RC Cruiser Review!

The new Moxie girlz magic Snow RC Cruiser! With the new purchase of the Moxie girlz magic snow RC I was amazed with its detail, the size of the car and unlike other RC cars you can store 2 moxie dolls into it but at the same time you can store there accessories such as their bags or combs and so on. The RC comes with a controller and retractable doors as well as a working seat belt. And the Moxie girlz magic Snow RC Cruiser only cost $29.99 dollars.

When we received the new Moxie Girlz RC my younger sister couldn’t stop playing with it, and she loved that you could put the moxie dolls into the car, but I think that the cars maneuverability could have been slightly improved, but overall I would have to say that MGA has done a fantastic job on adding a tremendous amount of detail, and making the car realistic from the ability to open the doors and that you can store extra items on top of the car and that the car has seat belts that actually go over your moxie girl such as a real seat belt making the new Moxie Girlz snow RC cruiser fun to play with and also great for modeling!

Where to find it:
Moxie Girlz Magic Snow RC Cruiser tracker

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