Spring to action with Zoobles! Video and Review!

The pop up wonders of 2010, Zoobles are a cute and fun series of pop up toys that is fun for all. There are over 108 types of Zoobles to collect for all kinds of exciting pop up action! Zoobles are cute and adorable little balls that pop up when placed on the tip of their little habitat or any type of metal.

Zoobles are perfect to get for anybody that wants a little pop up surprise or something unique to play with, and each Zooble comes with a unique characteristic that is fun for all and at the affordable price of only $5.00 per Zooble! But the pop up action doesn’t end there; Zoobles come with a variety of types and homes, from the tree top adventures to the regular Zooble mini pack (Price starts from $5 – $35 for each set).

After we got the new Zooble set my sister was jumping for joy! She couldn’t stop playing with them, she was amazed by how cute the faces and the bodies of the little animals were, but overall she loved how you could roll the animals and that when you put the animals onto the tip of the habitat it would reveal a special kind of animal. From a dog to a bunny Zoobles come in all styles of animals. Like the Bakugan Zoobles are a perfect collectable for girls.

Overall I would have to say that Spin Master has done and amazing on creating a cute and revolutionary toy that is extremely detailed, and full of excitement that is cheap and fun for girls to play and collect.

To find it in stock:  http://www.zoolert.com/zoobles-spin-master-in-stock-tracker/

Review Video:

A little girl loves her Zoobles.

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