Hot Wheels Stealth Rider RC Review

When I purchased the new Hot Wheels stealth riders RC I was amazed on its compact design, and how you could easily fold up the mini RC with a click of a button and store it away in your remote for easier transportation.  Unlike other mini RC’s where you had to carry both the car and remote; making it harder to carry around. What really made the tank a unique and extremely fun to play with was how the tank could drive over most obstacles with ease. What’s nice about the stealth riders is that if you don’t favor tanks there are a variety of other cars to choose from like the exclusive batman vehicle or the slick hot rode cars, the price per stealth rider is $24.99.

In my opinion the tank was very detailed for its size, the tank was easy to play with and easy to store it away neatly. What I would have liked for Hot Wheels to have improved was the RC’s speed; to give it more of a kick, I would have preferred that Hot Wheels to have used double (AA) or triple (AAA) batteries, unlike the tiny circular ones; because these batteries are harder to find then the AA or AAA batteries.

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