What gift to give for the iCarly fan that has everything? What am I?

Oh boy.

This is really cool and a great unique gift idea for the iCarly enthusiast on your list this year!

Hedbanz Game

Hedbanz Game

Do you love iCarly?  Have someone in your life that does?  I don’t know what it is about that show, but, somehow they have recaptured that 70s/80s sitcom look and feel… It just works.

Anyway, in one of the more popular episodes, the guys play a game called What Am I?

What Am I consists of wearing a headband on your head, sticking a word on it and guessing what it is using the hints from your teammate.

Well, it’s real.  It’s made by Spin Master.

And if the advertising campaign ramps up for this, especially during iCarly episodes…. This thing couldget VERY hot being associated with the “real” What Am I?

(and the other thing that makes this particular one so great is it is specifically for kids unlike some other editions)

Get it while you still can :

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