Tron Legacy: The toys are here! Baton Light Cycle Review

Are you a kid of the 80s?  Raise your hand.

Tron Baton Light Cycle Launcher

Tron Baton Light Cycle Launcher

I am.  And, amongst the iconic geek-y, cool, cult like movies from that time….two come to mind that stand out.

One, War Games.

Two, Tron.

And what are some of the images that just uttering the words Tron conjures up?  Yup, the disc and the light cycles.

Strolling through the aisles of Target today, I immediately took notice of all the new shiny Tron licensed toys by Spin Master.

And, one that caught my eye was the Tron Baton Light Cycle Launcher.

Taking it out of the package upon arriving home, I noticed the launcher had a surprisingly heavy feel to it.  It’s basically a spring loaded launcher that shoots out the included Light Cycle.

That included light cycle reminded me of my days of not too long ago playing the Tron arcades at the local Chuck E Cheese.  (side note : anyone remember the BIG ones that you actually stood inside of?!?!?)  Eyeing the light cycle itself, it had that sense of “clean”, futuristic design.  If you’ve seen the new Tron Trailers, you know what I’m talking about.

So, how is the toy?  What does it do?

This particular toy’s play is simplistic.  Insert the light cycle into the launcher, cock the piece back and thrust it forward to launch the toy light cycle.

The wheels on the cycle easily spin so that helps get it going once it comes out of the launcher.  I do believe, long term, kids will find themselves playing with the light cycle itself quite a bit.  Due to the launcher it goes inside, the light cycle sports a small form factor and is light enough to stick in a pocket and bring to a friends house.

With the retail price of about $15 as a Target exclusive, I do think it is a worthwhile investment for the Tron fan in the house or the soon to be Tron fan that will be introduced to the movie this holiday season!  But, thre’s a lot of Tron toys from Spin Master to choose from, and, we’ll try to get reviews up on as many as we can.  So, stay tuned, and choose wisely!

And one quick note — take notice of the tabs on the launcher.  Don’t try to pull it back forcibly.  I started to do this at first before realizing there was no give.  At that point, I realized there had to be another way.  That other way is the  two tabs on the top of the launcher that release either the door or the back of the launcher.

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