Little Mommy – Hide and Peek – Video Demo of the Toy

Yet again, strolling through the toy aisles on the hunt for what may be the next “it” toy, I was greeted by about what seemed like a million baby dolls all vying for my attention.

little mommy - hide and seek

little mommy - hide and seek

But one caught my eye amongst the bunch.

It was the little mommy hide & peek doll.

Check out the quick demo video of me flailing my arms.  Tell me what baby wouldn’t be entertained by this for a good hour!  (or adult for a few mins at least.  and, no.. no patrick from spongebob chuckles in my video however, sorry.)

Check out all the different ones they have for sale.   There are a lot of different styles to pick from.

little mommy hide and peek @Amazon

Think it’s going to be hot?  Looks like we may have a in stock tracker on our hands to create!

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