Go! Go! Sports Girl! Review of a Unique Doll for All Girls!

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Go! Go! Sports Doll. I have to say these dolls are an amazing alternative to the more mature dolls gracing store shelves if you are looking for something special and unique!

Go Go Sports Girl

Go Go Sports Girl

The review sample came with a personalized, hand written note.  Quite a bit of care was taken to present the doll in it’s best light even in the shipping box.  A sure sign of the attention to detail by the Founder herself, Jodi Norgaard, that also is immediately apparent in the doll itself!

Go! Go! Sports dolls are a line of multicultural sport themed dolls that emphasize a healthy, active lifestyle. They’re are currently 10 girls with two more to be appearing soon! They each come wearing a uniform and carry supplies for their favorite sport activity. All the girls have a secret message of encouragement embroidered on their tummies! For example Cassie – the soccer player – has “Dream Big, Score Goals”

The doll itself is high quality. The yarn hair isn’t rough, but silky and full. There is no “bald spot” that so many dolls with this type of hair have. All the features are embroidered so you don’t have to worry about losing buttons and having a possible choking hazard.

Here is a list a of all the dolls that are available!

Cassie – Soccer Girl

Brooke – Golf Girl

Ella – Runner Girl

Gracie – Tennis Girl

Maya – Gymnastics Girl

M.C. – Dancer Girl

Sam – Softball Girl

Suzi – Swimmer Girl

Taye – Basketball Girl

Anna -Soccer Girl

Kate – Basketball Girl

At a retail price of around $20 they make a great gift from Santa, parents, grand-parents and especially coaches!

And did I mention these dolls are also BIG?  Much bigger than I had anticipated.

The bottom line:

I love that these dolls are high quality positive role models for young girls. And I love that they promote healthy living and an active lifestyle! But the thing that I love the most is that the Dream Big Toy Company will donate 5% of profits from the sale of Go! Go! Sports Girls dolls to Girls Inc.

Happy Playing!

And you can find them in stock with zooLert’s Go! Go Sports Girl In Stock Tracker

Check out the detailed pictures below :

Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own.

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