The New LEGO Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank (8098) Review!!!

The new and improved Lego clone turbo tank of 2010, this set comes with 6 mini figures and 1141 pieces and is perfect for kids of ages 9+. This set has amazing details from retractable doors and a retractable handle making the tank easier to move around, cockpits to put your clones in, movable turrets and flick fire missiles perfect for playing with, and extra accessories like a command center and clone walker. This set has amazing features that allows you to put all of your clones and accessories in to the tank making transportation a lot easier.

This set is durable and has amazing suspension and all terrain abilities, allowing the tank to drive over small items without damaging the tank, and can also run on hard wood and carpet with ease making the tank the perfect set to get when your kids want something new and exciting to play with! The clone turbo tank is easy to build, and is a great set for modeling in any clone army!

I have had a lot of experience when building with Lego and I have to say that this was one of the most exciting Lego set’s I have ever built and when I finished I was shocked at the size, detail, and functions of the tank! While I was modeling the tank I noticed that not only could you put your clone walker and command center into the tank but also a few extra clones, so not only can you carry all of your accessories but more clones, great for bring your entire clone army with you!

Another thing I really enjoyed about building this set was the characters. All of the character were extremely detailed and is movie accurate, such as a bullet belt, face painting, and detailed head accessories!

Out of all the new Lego sets of 2010 I would have to say that the new Lego clone turbo tank would have to be by far my favorite because of the tanks piece value of ($119.99) for 1141 pieces, the tanks size, detail on both the tank and characters, and the fact that the set is extremely easy to play with! So when you’re out Christmas shopping and you have no idea what to get for your kids I would recommend the new 2010 Lego clone turbo tank!

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If you still have any questions on the clone turbo tank, here is a video I made (About my hand, they got bruised while practicing martial art.):

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