Alphie the Learning Robot Review – Old school learning today!

Alphie The Learning Robot

Alphie The Learning Robot

Before I start this short video review preview before the full review…

I have to give you this link :

Use Alphie the Learning Robot In Stock Tracker to find it in stock in real time at places like Walmart, TRU and Amazon

Are you in your late 20s to about early 40s?   Have kids?  Have fond memories of old toys?


Check the video :

Even just opening the package I was brought back to my childhood.  I exclaimed out loud, WOW!  It even smells like an old toy.

Perhaps my mind was playing tricks on me, but, I swore I was instantly brought back.  And not only is this toy great on conjuring up memories, just watch the video to see how great it is at teaching and how much fun it is to use.

A HIGH personal recommendation from yours truly.

And to complete your set, make sure you get the original too at ebay!

Alphie on Ebay

Full write up soon!

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