Lalaloopsy – Sew Cute! Full review by a mom for moms!

I went out and grabbed my daughter Lucy a “Crumbs Sugar Cookie” Lalaloopsy doll at Toys R Us the other day and they have since been inseparable!

If you aren’t familiar (though I’m sure you are) Lalaloopsy (the doll formerly known as Bitty Buttons) is THE hot toy of the season. They have graced the Hot Toy Lists of many, including zooLert and with good reason.

Sporting big button Coraline-esque eyes they are creepy and endearing at the same time! The story behind the big eyed beauties is that they were made out of a mishmash of fabrics which created their personalities – for instance Pillow Feather Bed was made out of pieces of a baby blanket and she enjoys being read to and cuddling with her pet sheep! And once the last stitch was stitched they magically came alive.

Pillow Feather Bed – Made from a baby blanket

Peanut Big Top – Made from a bits of a clown costume

Crumbs Sugar Cookie – Made from pieces of a bakers apron

Spot Splatter Splash – Made from a pair of painters overalls

Bea Spells Alot – Made from a girls school uniform (the only doll with blue eyes rather than black)

Dot Starlight – Made from an Astronauts suit

Jewel Sparkles – Made from remnants of a princess dress

Mittens Fluff N’ Stuff –  Made from pieces of an eskimos scarf

One of the things I really like about these dolls is that their birthdays (or Sew Days) are actual holidays. For example: Crumbs Sugar Cookie’s Sewday is December 4th – National Cookie Day, Bea Spells-A-Lot’s is October 16th – National Dictionary Day. It makes for a fun way to celebrate some of the more obscure holidays that you may not think about…So go ahead and have a an “out of this world party” for Dot Starlight while teaching your little star gazer about the first moon landing!

You can also pick up some new threads for your Lalaloopsies!

Some things you should know:

The hair isn’t hair – It’s hard plastic. This is good and bad. Good because it makes the doll easy to keep clean. Bad because the doll isn’t very “cuddly”.

They are a little on the heavy side…again…not so good for sleeping buddies.

The eyes are not actually sewn on which means no choking hazard!

If you’re planning on buying this be warned – They are sold out everywhere! Be sure to track them with zooLert!!

Bottom Line:

These dolls are “cool” – according to my daughter Lucy!  Check out her video review!

Make sure you use the zooLert Lalaloopsy In Stock Tracker to get yours!

Happy Playing!!

Quick note about the pictures.  You’ll notice the name of the doll is Bitty Buttons.  This is the old name and it was changed due to legal matters.  Most boxes with Bitty Buttons on them have been taken off the shelves and replaced with new stickers or supply.

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