Star Wars Mighty Beanz Video and Review – May the roll be with you!

So, maybe you have seen these in trading circles of children, and, wondered just what is the obsession with these magical rolling beans?  It’s the collectable part, that’s what!  You buy packs of Might Beanz, and much like old baseball cards, some are more rare than others.  But, with Mighty Beanz, you can play with them too!

In addition to their normal beanz, they also have a few licenses.  One being Star Wars :

So what makes this such a hot toy this year?  Well, it’s Star Wars.  And collectable!  And, it’s low price of $5.00 at retail makes it a really great gift!

Check out the video :

The final word?  If you have a young boy (or any age star wars fan) on your list this year, it’s a buy!

And, find them in stock with the help of zooLert :

zooLert Star Wars Mighty Beanz In Stock Tracker

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