Real Construction, Real Fun!

We bought Real Construction for my 5 year old and he loves it! He’s already made me some drawers, a lollipop or two and now he’s working on a “special project”! 🙂 That one is still top secret!

Each Deluxe Workshop comes with the following:

Hand Saw

Detail Saw




Hole Cutter Handle

2 Bore

2 Hinges

50 Nails

50 Screws

and 19 pieces of  kid wood in various sizes and shapes.

You can also buy these items separately:

Real Construction Tool Belt & Accessories: It comes with a mini flash light, retractable measuring tape, T square & level!

Real Construction Miter Saw and Miter Box to make angled cuts

Real Construction Ratcheting Set

Real Construction Case that comes with over 100 screws, nails, and hinges

Real Construction 13 Piece “Kid Wood” Refill Set

It comes with a booklet with 17 different ideas. There are instructions for some of the ideas but no exact measurements. Still, it helps when trying to figure out what to build.

The “kid wood” is a squishy but firm styrofoam type material. The tools which are harmless really do cut the “wood” quite easily. When you screw in the screws they actually stay in…they don’t just slide right out like I had expected.

In my opinion the quality is a lot higher than I anticipated! The intended use is for kids 6 and up and I think that’s pretty accurate!

Overall its really a great buy. It’s educational in the sense that you’re measuring, using small motor skills and problem solving. It also gave my son a lot pride to show us all the things he built by himself!

Be sure to check out his Video Review!

Happy Playing!

And find it in stock online with zooLert’s help of the in stock tracker for Real Construction!

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