Weebles Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down!

Weebles are back! Well…back to normal anyway!

Hasboro has reintroduced Weebles in their original, egg shaped design. These toys are classic favorite! Here are some of the Weebles you can find in the new, old design!

The Sports Pack – Features two friends sporting skateboards and soccer balls!

The Play Pack – These wobbly buddies are ready to play with sail boats and dolls!

The Music Pack – Ready to make beautiful music with a drum and a microphone!

Each 2-pack retails for about $5 – $7.  There are a ton of different accessories for kids to use along with their weebles, including the new Musical Treehouse.

There is no doubt that Weebles will be wildly popular this year – just as they were in years past! Weebles are fun, affordable and now, a bit nostalgic.

Find them in stock with the help of zooLert Playskool Weebles in Stock Tracker

zooLert In Stock Tracker for Playskool Weebles

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