Fin Fin Friends

Fin Fin Friends

"Fin Fin Friends"

Fin fin friends are lovable toy pets that turn to life when they enter water. They love to swim, sing, and dance to music. The more you teach them, by talking or tapping their bowl, the more sounds they make. They can play by themselves, but they really come to life when you play with them. Let them go down the slide and they will sing and dance for you. You can also feed then by clicking on the button to the right of their bowl and they become happy and loving.

There are four fin fin friends play set. The first play set is the Caribbean castle. The colors are pink, blue and yellow. The second play set is the hang ten skate park. The colors are green, white, blue, red, and orange. The next set is the seaside shop. The colors are pink, blue, purple, and yellow. The last set is the tropical paradise. The colors are blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, and brown. There are accessories to connect play houses to play house. There are six different accessory animals. They are the clown fish, hermit crab, orca whale, snorkel fish, dog fish, and the cat fish. They come with three small toys, an animal and a bridge for $6.99 each.

My sister has a fin fin friend and ever since she got them she loves to play with them every day. Her favorite fin fin friend set is the Caribbean castle, but my favorite fin fin friend set is the tropical paradise. I like them because they are cute and fun to play with, plus you can bring them to the pool to, and they act like real pets. These fun toys are $21.99 dollars, and great for all ages. When your kids get their very own fin fin friend they will love them. Have fun playing!

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