zooLert 2010 Holiday Top 10 Toy List – In Stock Edition

zooLert 2010 Holiday Top 10 Toy List

It's ok Timmy. Next time, use zooLert!

After much deliberation, we have compiled a list of the zooLert top 10 hot holiday toy list.  The toys that will be the “household names” this year.  The big kahunas.  The ones that you will proclaim to all of your friends that you were able to get your hands on.

(and of course, there will be some that don’t make this list.  we could go on and on, but, we were looking for the ones that we felt were the biggies this year.)

And don’t forget — you can always find these hot toys in stock and more with the help of our free tracking service that checks all major e-tailers for online availability!

Without further delay …. Drumroll please.

The list is :

  1. Squinkies – Do your kids bug you for gumball machine toys?  Then they will love this spinoff!
  2. Lalaloopsy – These Coraline styled dolls are sure to be a big hit with both adult and children this season!
  3. Sing-a-ma-jigs – A toy that instantly puts a smile on your face when you hold and play with it.
  4. Loopz – As oft said by zooLert, the “sleeper” hit of this year.  Simon meets three dimensions.
  5. Real Construction – Get your spare wood refill kits now .. they will be impossible to find this year!
  6. Pillow Pets – It is a toy from last year, but, now is available at all major stores.  Opening it to a new world of buzz!
  7. Stampede ECS – This year’s latest and greatest in the long line of hot Nerf toy guns!
  8. Paper Jamz Guitars – An electronic toy guitar that not only plays predefined songs, but also lets you play with real chords!
  9. Justin Bieber Dolls – The army of #bieber fans will all be asking for the singing Bieber doll this year!
  10. Fin Fin Friends – A playful water set combined with collectable and cute accessories make this a much wished for toy.

Have a favorite that didn’t make the list?  Think we goofed?  Have a tip on one?  Or are you a toy manufacturer that would like us to review something?  Leave us a comment below or shoot us an email to webmaster@zoolert.com!

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