The New Pillow of 2010!

Pillow Pets

"Pillow Pets"

The new revolutionary pillow, since 2003 pillow pets have been putting smiles on the faces of children of all ages. Pillow pets are more than just the average every day pillow; these pets actually have a purpose. Instead of always picking up stuffed animals after your kids, they will be using their pillow pets all the time! Pillow pets are lovable and huggable and at the affordable price of only $20 making these pets perfect for Christmas or any special occasions. My sister owns a pillow pet, and ever since we purchased one for her she takes it everywhere she goes,  from around the house, to her gymnastic classes, outside in the yard, and even when she goes to bed. No matter where she goes she brings her pillow pet with her, and the best part is that the pillow pet is perfect for sleeping with.

She loves to lay down on her pillow pet during movie time, during her bed time, or even during long road trips. Not only are these pets’ fun to play with but extremely easy to use. All you have to do is undo the hook and loop strap to turn it into a pillow then fold it back up and re-attach the hook and loop strap and its back to the perfect pet, but it doesn’t end there.  You can get a variety of pets to chose from, over 16 types of pillow pets, there’s a Lady Bug, Bumble Bee, Unicorn, Puppy, Panda, Monkey, Frog, Hippo, Cow, Penguin, Turtle, Tiger, Alligator, Pig, Bunny, Dolphin, Lamb, and Lion, and each pillow pet is made up of chenille; a super soft fabric perfect for sleeping or cuddling with, another helpful feature is that the pillow pet is machine washable, making it easier to clean up your pillow pet.

Pillow pet are adorable, they’re cute and soft making play time fun and exciting. These pets are the perfect pet to purchase when your kids need a new pillow or if they just want a new stuffed animal. There are plenty of different stuffed animals to chose from out there but pillow pets are by far my favorite pets , there useful and fun to play with Making them irresistible!

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