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The All New Moxie Girlz Magic Snow RC Cruiser Review!

The new Moxie girlz magic Snow RC Cruiser! With the new purchase of the Moxie girlz magic snow RC I was amazed with its detail, the size of the car and unlike other RC cars you can store 2 moxie dolls into it but at the same time you can store there accessories such as their bags or combs and so on. The RC comes with a controller and retractable doors as well as a working seat belt. And the Moxie girlz magic Snow RC Cruiser only cost $29.99 dollars.

When we received the new Moxie Girlz RC my younger sister couldn’t stop playing with it, and she loved that you could put the moxie dolls into the car, but I think that the cars maneuverability could have been slightly improved, but overall I would have to say that MGA has done a fantastic job on adding a tremendous amount of detail, and making the car realistic from the ability to open the doors and that you can store extra items on top of the car and that the car has seat belts that actually go over your moxie girl such as a real seat belt making the new Moxie Girlz snow RC cruiser fun to play with and also great for modeling!

Where to find it:
Moxie Girlz Magic Snow RC Cruiser tracker

Check out the hands on video with the car :

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Hasbro u-build Mouse Trap Video and Review

The unique and exciting way to play the all new U-Build Games of 2010, these games are not like any other ordinary board game. They can be built and rearranged into anything you would like, so the possibilities are ENDLESS! But the excitement doesn’t end there! If you don’t like u-build mouse trap you have a variety of other games to choose from like u-build connect 4, or u-build battleship and more! And these games only cost $14.99(sale price).

When I received the new u-build mouse trap I was amazed at how not only was this game extremely fun to play with, but it had a unique quality to it giving this game more of a kick to play with. My family and I loved playing this game because we built the board into any shape we wanted to make it; the game was extremely easy to play with and definitely sparked some fun and excitement into our family time. Another very nice feature about the set is that if you don’t know how to start of the game you have a simple 6 step instruction booklet to get you started off; it also comes with a very easy to read guide on how to play U-Build Mouse Trap.

Overall I would have to say that this game is definitely worth it, for the price of only $14.99 (sale price) and the ability to customize the game into anything you would like, making family time a lot more fun. So if you are out Christmas shopping and want something unique and fun for your kids I think that the new u-build games are going to be a great gift for Christmas and that you should pick up the new and exciting u-build mouse trap!

Where can I get these games?
Amazon, Toys R Us, Walmart, Kmart

Review video:

Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own.


Bop It Bounce Video and Review – Halloween Edition!

Being familiar with the Bop It series, I was excited when we had the opportunity to check this new version out!

And, I gotta say.  I love it.

It’s addicting, much in the way that the older Bop It’s are, but, in a more Zen like way.

Rather than shaking uncontrollably getting ready for you next command, the style of play for this Bop It Bounce forces you to keep a steady hand with focus to get the high score!

The ball is light, the handheld unit is like holding a trampoline.  It makes for a VERY easy bouncing experience too.  You won’t get frustrated asking how are you supposed to do what is asked.  It actually works, and quite well.

Here’s all the game styles :

Max Bounce tests how fast you can bounce in 30 seconds,

Infinite Bounce tests how long you can keep bouncing

Hang Time tests how high you can bounce

Right Height challenges you to match the shots called by the electronic voice

Little-Middle-Big challenges you to bounce at exactly the right height

Free For All lets you bounce it out freestyle

Check out the hands on video of a big kid playing :

At an average price of $15 in the stores, this is a must have for the Bop It fan.  No question about it.  It isn’t geared towards the youngest of the kids since it takes a bit of hand eye coordination, but, Hasbro has appropriately made the suggested age group of 8+.  As seen in the video, it’s also fun for the age group JUST above as well!

Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own.


Twister Hoopla Video and Review – Halloween Edition!

Since we had a Halloween Party this weekend, what better time to bust out some of the family fun games from Hasbro that we had for review.

First up, Twister Hoopla.

(had to take a picture making it look like an older picture. it was begging for it!)

So, what’s all the Hoopla about (man, this one is just writing itself!)?

Actually, quite a bit.  In keeping with the U-Build line of Hasbro remakes, this new version of Twister gets kids (and adults!) off the couch and into the action of setting up and configuring the game.

There are five different game styles to play :

Game 1 challenges you to use your bodies to hold the rings in place and the last team standing wins.

Game 2 is a ring toss with your hands and feet to catch.

Game 3 is a race to make it to the finish line with colored rings in hand.

Game 4 is a fun version of the traditional TWISTER game: scatter the rings and then call out the moves; but don’t fall or you’re out.

Game 5 gets you all tangled up with other players as you reach for rings, hang on to your TWISTER T and try to stay on your feet.

So, how is it?  Fun.  Lots of fun!

As you can see below, the kids took to it instantly :

What’s funny about watching the video the day after, it just seems to fit into the party atmosphere going on.  If you watch the video, you’ll see what I mean.  A little Rock Band, a little candy, and some Twister Hoopla with a lot of people equals a good time!  Another thing that came to mind while playing is that this game would be as much fun outdoors as it is inside!

With an average store price of $20 or less, it’s a great game to consider adding to your arsenal!

Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own.


FREE VeggieTales MP3 CD – The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree

Looking for something to do with the kids this weekend?  How about checking out a FREE download of a VeggieTales CD from Amazon?

Why not!  Free is free.  Worst case, you delete it 🙂

Direct link to VeggieTales The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree



Updated! A Santa Sing-A-Ma-Jigs? Say what?!? At Toys R Us! We are finding it in stock!

UPDATE 10/30/10 :

As noticed by RJ, the link is no longer valid.  Will it come back?

Maybe.  If it does, we will be sure to keep looking!

Make sure you are signed up to get the alert on our SingAMaJigs In Stock Tracker!


We love it when our user community interacts back with us.

Especially when it has to do with tracker requests.  The hardest part of getting everything setup and going is just finding all the crazy stuff out there to track!  So, when Christy shot off the email to us a few mins ago, I rushed to find this guy.

And, he’s real :

Santa Sing-A-Ma-Jigs at Toys R Us!

And what good would this information do if we didn’t track it?

Well, we are :

zooLert Santa Sing-A-Ma-Jigs In Stock Tracker

So make sure you add it to your custom tracker to know when the Santa SingAMaJig is in stock at Toys R Us and Etoys!


Target Great Holiday Toy Sale Book Image Scans – November 3rd – 24th

Here’s another great one that has hit the internet!

Get a sneak peek at the Target Toy Sale Book!  The prices run from November 3rd – November 24th!
Have fun and start virtual circling!!!

LOTS of great prices too!

0 – Doing Black Friday … ALREADY? 10/29/10!

Let’s make this one short and sweet.

GO HERE at 3:00AM EST :

Amazon Gold Box Direct Link

This was posted by Amazon today : Gold Box Team says:

We’re counting down the weeks until Black Friday with spectacular deals every Friday, starting October 29 and running weekly through November 19. Check back every Friday to find fantastic prices on select electronics, video games, and more. And all of these hot deals relate to a theme, including the Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals. Bookmark this page and come back each week to see how you’ll save on items that help you “Connect,” “Play,” “Watch,” and “Listen.” All deals are good while supplies last, so don’t delay!

– The Gold Box Team


Good luck everyone!

And if you don’t know what this means, go ahead.  Take a look.  I dare you.  Just make sure you hide your credit cards!!!  And be sure to check every Friday!


CONTEST OVER : Don’t Turn Into A Pumpkin, Like Us On Facebook Before Nov 1st – Giveaway!

UPDATE 11/01/10 :

Winners are in from :

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And as a bonus, Faty Fatso, we like your style. Kissing butt gets you everywhere. Send me your size for a shirt. I’m assuming extra small


In honor of Faty Fatso’s request on Facebook (love that name), we are speeding up a giveaway we had planned.

What do you have to do to get your chance at one of these great prizes?

Just like us on Facebook!

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Good luck!

Spread the word, and we’ll just give out more!  Go ahead.  Dare us.


Lalaloopsy’s New Threads! Review of the Lalaloopsy Fashion Packs!

Say your favorite little button eyed doll wants to turn in her apron for on a night on the town or a relaxing evening at home…Well now she has the option!

We were recently given a few different outfits to give our Crumb Sugar Cookie doll a fresh, new look!

The Robe:

Perfect for sleepovers and movie nights! Yellow and white striped terry cloth with polka dot detail! Sew cozy! They also come with matching slippers!

The Rain Coat:

No need to leave your Lalaloopsy at home on a rainy day! Throw on her super cute pink and black houndstooth raincoat and matching boots and she’s ready to go!

The Party Dress:

Why should we have all the fun! Lalaloopsy’s like to party too – and they looks great doing it in this 3 tiered purple party dress – Complete with maryjanes topped with pink bows!

The outfits are adorable, well made, and fit beautifully.  With a consistent price tag under $10 (or less!) at retail, they’re a great accompaniment to your doll and make a great stocking stuffer!

As always, the level of detail with the dolls are amazing.  Even when you remove the outfit from the package, a surprise awaits underneath on the packaging.  A very cute one at that!  Rather than post it, unless there is a huge demand, I’ll leave that out and not spoil the fun!

And now… What we’ve all been waiting for…The fashion show! **Drumroll**

Work it Crumb Sugar Cookie!

Happy Playing!

And don’t forget to check out the zooLert Lalaloopsy In Stock Tracker to get yours at retail price from places like Walmart, Toys R Us, and Amazon!

Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own.