My review about Funzo.. I mean Singamajig!

Wondering what a Funzo is? Funzo is the fictitious, Furby like toy featured on a 1999 episode of The Simpsons. In the episode, Funzo’s were wildly popular but ended up having an ulterior motive and turning into murderous robots…

Singamagigs remind me a lot of Funzo in that I don’t understand why they are so popular and why people can’t stop playing with them….Until now. The obsession with singamajigs start the moment you give in and play with one. It doesn’t do much…but what it does do is absolutely adorable!

You give your little guy a squeeze and he sings a note. If you squeeze his hand he’ll just say random, cute things. Buy him a couple friends and he’ll harmonize with them! There isn’t much to it but its perfect 1-3 year old group.

The only negative I found – You’re going to want to stick your finger in its mouth. Don’t. It hurts. The teeth are hard plastic so it might pinch little fingers.

And check out our one on one with a baby and a sing-a-ma-jig on our YouTube Channel :

Real Time Results from the zooLert Sing-A-Ma-Jigs In Stock Tracker :

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