Loopz: The Rebirth of Simon

I bought Loopz last night and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Before buying it I thought it was just a typical Simon except instead of pushing buttons you stick your hand through a futuristic thingymabobber. However, this game is a lot more complex than that and, at the risk of sounding like an informercial, it’s fun for the whole family…really!  My son Tommy (5) loves it! In fact he’s playing with it as I blog!

Here are some of the important things to know!

There are 7 games!! To me this is the best feature! It has a real “bang for your buck” quality!

The games are:

Repeat the Beat – Your standard Simon type memory game.

Rhythm & Flow- In this game a song plays and you have to keep the song going by moving your hands through each loops as it lights up. If you miss, the song starts over…miss it 6 times and it ends. If you can keep it going for 30 seconds than you advance to a higher level – The difficulty increases the better you do. You can’t help but shake your moneymaker just a little when you play this one.

Versus- This game is for 2 players. Each player takes turns repeating and creating sequences. Player 1 is prompted to start and he/she waves their hand through the loop of their choice. Player 2 repeats that and adds one to it…and so on. The first player to make 3 mistakes loses. It can get very competitive – but its definitely a lot of fun!

Reflex Master- My personal favorite! In Reflex Master you wave your hand through the loopz as they light up! The faster you go the higher your score. You can play this alone or with up to 3 friends!

Musicology- For the music lover! The goal of this game is to recreate the pattern Loopz played for you. The random pattern of lights are accompanied by the sound of an instrument – such as drums. If you are successful you will hear a part of the song using only that instrument. If you finish all 5 patterns you will have completed an entire song and the game will play it for you. There are 3 songs for you (and Loopz) to create!

Freestyle DJ- With Freestyle mode you get to pretend you’re a DJ. Each loop is playing a different sound in the song. You can change the song by putting your hand through a loop and turning that sound off and on. Also, if you you use two hands you can sprinkle in some funk by adding some fun effects like scratching or “yeah” sounds. So go ahead, throw on some oversized headphones and go on with your bad self!

Music Studio-  This one is good for the younger crowd. My daughter Lucy (18 months) even plays it. You pick from several different instruments and just play however you want. It plays up to 10 scales. There is a list on the directions to tell you how to play each note. Example: To play 1 you use “A” loop  and to play 10 use loops C & D. Simple and fun!

Here’s my bottom line-

There are plenty of games for plenty of fun! At a list price of around $25 its definitely a good bargain. Perfect for family game nights or to give the kids something to do on a rainy day! I thinks Santa will be seeing this on a lot of Lists this year!

Happy Playing!



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