Spotlight zooLert – inbound searches to zooLert – 09/27/10

Inside zooLert - Looking at searches

Inside zooLert - Looking at searches

Here’s a new little idea we are playing around with.

Every week (or so) we are going to let you in on the top search phrases coming in to zooLert.

This week, they are :

1. zooLert (guess a lot of people are talking — thanks!)
2. Squinkies
3. Lalaloopsy

and, as a bonus, 4 is :

4. Monster High Dolls

Get yours by using our trackers here :

zooLert In Stock Trackers for Squinkies, Lalaloopsy, Monster High Dolls and more!

PS – No, that’s not us. It’s an image from the wikimedia commons courtesy of Victuallers

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