It’s in stock, but, now it’s not :(

Fill your shopping cart with zooLert In Stock Alerts

Fill your shopping cart with zooLert In Stock Alerts

Remember your first time getting an alert from zooLert? For some, it’s such an exciting time…. Your fingers are shaking. Your hand tremors. After clicking the alert, you see it in stock! You add it to the cart. You feverishly search for your credit card…

Is this right?



Help is here.

Here’s what you want to do AHEAD of time, BEFORE you get the alert.

Log on to all of the popular sites we track AHEAD of time :

Create an account on :

Toys R Us

Fill in as MUCH information as possible — including a credit card — so that you can whizz right through the process.

(you can always remove the stored card information at a later date if that is worrisome!)

And, be sure to check the box to stay logged in. That way, when you come back later, you are already logged in as well.

Then, sit back and enjoy. Knowing that the hot and hard to find thing is on its way!

Image courtesy of : Wikimedia Commons user Jauerback

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