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Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Scan Color Chameleon


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School is right around the corner, and there is no better way to get your little kids prepared for their preschool years than with educational toys. The Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Scan Color Chameleon is a two for one deal! This Chameleon knows how to identify colors as well as count numbers. You can switch between different modes on the Chameleon to get your kids to interact with the toy. You can have your kids press the button on the Chameleon’s back to activate its learning skills. Then grab one of ten paint splats, and scan it using the Chameleon’s special paint brush! Or you can spread all ten paint splats on the ground, and have your Chameleon sing, dance, count, and play along to whatever you want! You can switch between color mode, and counting mode to encourage both learning colors, and counting numbers. That’s not all this Chameleon knows how to do! It also can create educational activates like find a specific color. To make things even better, the Chameleon can add both colors and counting into a problem that your kids will have to solve. So, the Chameleon may ask your kids to go around your house to “Find 5 blue objects”; that way your kids will have to identify color, while at the same time try to learn and count. With the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Scan Color Chameleon your kids will have their colors and numbers memorized in no time! The Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Scan Color Chameleon is recommended for kids ages 3 – 6, and is $24.99 MSRP.


Funko POP Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Keychain


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Aside from their usual action figures, Funko also creates keychains so that you can bring all of your favorite heroes, or villains with you on the go! The Funko POP Keychain Suicide Squad Harley Quinn is a great addition to any set of keychains. Harley has her usual gear on. She is wearing her skin tight leggings, red and blue short shorts, and her red, white, and blue t-shirt. Of course Harley is also carrying her beloved bat with her for those additional style points! The keychain part is attached to the topside of Harley’s head. That way it is easier to access for whenever you want to attach Harley to any of your keys. If you want to take your love for the Suicide Squad movie with you then there is no better way than with the Funko POP Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Keychain! This keychain stands at 1 ½ inches tall, is recommended for anyone ages 14 – 15, and the price may vary.


AMD Radeon RX 460 In Stock Tracker


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DreamPool Giant Inflatable Unicorn


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There are only a few weeks left before summer ends, and school starts up again. Most students may begin to get upset as they realize how quickly summer is rolling by, but instead of moping around your house you should spend what little time you have left in the great outdoors! What better way to celebrate the last few weeks of summer than with fun pool accessories. The DreamPool Giant Inflatable Unicorn is a great way to spend the final weeks of your summer with your friends and family. This float is 108.2in x 55in x 47 in. It can hold up to two adults, and can support over 400 lbs! Unlike your average float, this float has a cute unicorn design. The unicorn has a rainbow colored mane and tail. That way the float has a little more color to it. Summer is ending, so what are you waiting for? Get up, and get active with the DreamPool Giant Inflatable Unicorn! This float is for anyone ages 8 and up, and is $54.99 MSRP.


Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon Blaster


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Bigger is always better, and with the Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon you can trust that this statement holds true. Just like it says in its name this blaster really is “MEGA”. Not only is this blaster large and intimidating, but it also fires large Nerf darts. So, not only will you look intimidating with your super-sized blaster, but you will also feel intimidating with the amount of fire power that this baby can release! What do I mean by fire power? Well when you think of “big guns” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me I think mini gun, and because this Nerf blaster is motorized it can give the weapon a fast and hefty feel. Now all of this power will require a ton of energy. The gun itself will need 6 D batteries, which are not included. The set may not have batteries, but it will include everything else that is needed to start your Nerf battle. This set comes with the blaster, 24-dart drum (3 pieces), drum cage, 2 drum covers, handle, strap, 24 darts, and instructions. So, if you want to dominate the Nerf battlefield then there is no other way to do it than with the Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon Blaster! This blaster is $79.99 MSRP, and is for kids ages 8 and older.