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LEGO Angry Birds Pig City Teardown


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The pigs have stolen the Angry Bird’s eggs. Now it’s time to take revenge and save the eggs from the evil clutches of the pigs! Help the birds strike back by attacking Pig City. Pig City is loaded with traps, and ziplines, so be careful! Use the Angry Birds catapult to hit the rocks, and blow up the TNT. You have both Red, and Stella to help you in your mission! Unfortunately, the pigs have two guards as well to keep the city safe. In the new LEGO Angry Birds Pig City Teardown you can turn the Angry Birds from a virtual game into a reality! Load your birds, and take aim at the evil pigs. The Angry Birds Pig City Teardown LEGO set is for kids ages 7 – 14, comes with 386 LEGO pieces, and is $39.99 MSRP.


New Splatoon Figures Series Available in July 2016

Release date for new Splatoon figures is July 2016. New Splatoon figures series contains Marie, Callie, Squid (Orange), Inkling Girl (Green) and Inkling Boy (Purple). Check out our amiibo tracker or Splatoon tracker.






Squid (Orange)


Inkling Girl (Green)


Inkling Boy (Purple)


LEGO Angry Birds Movie Bird Island Egg Heist


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From video games, to movies, to LEGO playsets, Angry Birds has no limit! These birds can soar anywhere as long as you can catapult them that far! In the new LEGO Angry Birds Movie Bird Island Egg Heist you can help Red and Matilda stop the evil Biker Pig from taking their beloved eggs. This LEGO set comes with 3 minifigures, Matilda’s House, and a Piggy Trike. The 3 minifigures are Red, Matilda, and Biker pig.

In the Bird Island Egg Heist you can use Matilda’s house as a catapult to launch Red at the Piggy Trike, but be careful! The Piggy Trike has a crate full of eggs on it! Use the catapult to aim for the Piggy Biker. Once you’ve taken out the biker you can safely return the eggs to Matilda’s house. Once at the house you can use the easel to relax from all the intense action. You can also use it to tame Red’s anger management problems! The Pigs are at it again, but you can help Red and Matilda stop the evil pigs from stealing all the eggs in the LEGO Bird Island Egg Heist! This LEGO set is for kids ages 6 – 12, comes with 277 LEGO pieces, and is $29.99 MSRP.


Funko POP TV: Teen Titans Go – Red/Orange Raven

Raven Orange

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Teen Titans Go has been growing a pretty large fan base. It’s no surprise though since the original Teen Titans show on Cartoon Network also had a pretty large fanbase, me included. The Teen Titans Go TV show has all of the characters that we love from the original show, and now you purchase them in Funko POP form! The Funko POP TV:Teen Titans Go – Raven figure is one of the many figures you can collect from the Teen Titans Go series. There is a catch with these raven figures though! We all know raven to be the dark, and gloomy character, so she is famous for her indigo colored cloak. However, the Funko POP figures changed things up a bit, and there are two Raven figures each wearing a different color. You will need to purchase these figures separately if you want both of these colors in your collection. Both the red and orange colored Raven are identical in structure, and appearance, aside from the color. Like any Funko POP, Raven has a large head compared to her body, and his filled with details. Her face shows an angry expression, while three quarters of her face is shadowed off due to her hood. Everyone knows Raven to be the the magic wielding, indigo wearing teen, but you can change things up with the red or orange colored Raven figures! The Funko POP Raven figures retails for $9.99, is 3 ¾ inches tall, and is for anyone ages 5 – 12.

Raven Red


DC Super Hero Girls Action Figures


DC Super Hero Girls action figures 12-inch or 6-inch are getting popular and sold out quickly. Check out our DC Super Hero Girls action figures tracker to set your custom alerts when your items are in stock. We will alert you by email or text.

MSRP: 12-inch is $19.99 and 6-inch is $9.99




Wonder Woman




Bumble Bee


Harley Quinn


Poison Ivy