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LEGO Architecture Lincoln Memorial Model Kit


Lincoln Memorial is a beautiful and important monument in the United States. This monument is a symbol of freedom to many people. LEGO has created a LEGO set for this historic building for $29.99 at This set comes with 274 LEGO pieces and features the Lincoln statue, a removable roof, and a name plate. The LEGO Architecture Lincoln Memorial Model Kit is also available on for $23.80.


Gund Spirited Away Ootori-Sama Fluffy Chicken Plush


Spirited Away is a very famous anime movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki. There are a lot of creative characters like the Ootori-Sama Fluffy Chicken. On the GUND Spirited Ootori-Sama Fluffy Chicken Plush is available for $11.99. This adorable chicken has a lily pad hat, small wings, and small feet. The Ootori-Sama Fluffy Chicken Plush’s appearances is accurate to the movie and is a soft and high quality plush doll.


Jenga Classic Game


This simple yet entertaining game will challenge you and your opponent(s). To win the game, you must be the person who doesn’t make the stack of blocks fall. This game may be easy at first, but as the game goes on, the stack of blocks gets less stable. Jenga Classic Game is available on for $10.79. Can you win this classic game by pulling a block out without letting the stack fall?


GUND Fluffy Totoro Plush

6″ GUND Fluffy Totoro Plush

Totoro, the fun, fluffy, lovable anime character that is featured in the beginning of Hayao Miyazaki’s movies. You can also watch this fun, fluffy, and lovable character in My Neighbor Totoro. sells this famous anime character in difference sizes from 6 inches to 13 inches. The GUND Fluffy Totoro Plush price ranges with the height of the plush doll: 6 inches is $12.43, 8 inches is $17.71, 9 inches is $20.04, and the 13 inches is $35.97.

8″ GUND Fluffy Totoro Plush

9″ GUND Fluffy Totoro Plush

13″ GUND Fluffy Totoro Plush


Click N’ Play Girl’s Princess Castle Play Tent


Being a princess is every little girls’ dream. With the Click N’ Play Girl’s Princess Castle Play Tent, becoming a princess feels more realistic. This castle tent comes in pink and is light and easy to assemble. The Click N’ Play Girl’s Princess Castle Play Tent is portable and can be used indoor or outdoor. You can get this tent from for $19.99.